Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Battleground Was Love( 2)

You see what Melissa was about to find out re-inforced the neglect she felt among believers. Everyone would say "being a Christian is the best life you can live!" or "come to Christ and all your troubles will be over".

Hmmmp!! that last one is a lie. Of course Christ looks after His sheep but He also said we will endure hardships. That, my friends, Melly knew right well. Her biggest battle was not one fought with sin, or temptation. Not with the difficulty of giving up friends or bad habits.

Melissa's battle was with acceptance and the battleground was love. She could understand giving it away and did just so. But the unconditional, untempered, undefiled love of God was something she could not understand and often rejected it out of fear, guilt and shame. Things that the very God she was running from wanted to relieve her of.